..I collected tithe one day and my hands were hot


Youthful, suave, intelligent and highly prophetic man of God, Prophet Olusoji Oyesanya is the founder and General Overseer, Fulfilment Prayer Mountain, Holy Ghost Arena, Brewery Roundabout, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. where he has been transforming destiny through the work of God . His calling as a prophet of God had been pre-ordained since birth and he was billed to have commenced the work of the gospel at age 10, but like most recalcitrant children of God, he persistently avoided the calling until God taught him a hard lesson.
He paid dearly for the rebellion act against God and almost paid with his life until he heeded the calling. Thus, as a result of his rebellion, he had four different car accidents that almost claimed his life with the last involving a trailer which lost control along OGTV-Iyana Mortury road with about sixteen vehicles, leaving so many people dead. Fortunately for him, God spared his life to fulfill the purpose and destinies for his existence. Seven years down the line, the church has been growing in leaps and bounds and his ministry is a testament of the biblical saying that ‘’ He will not lead you where his grace will not keep you.
As a ministry ordained by God, the growth of the Church which started in his living room with twenty-five members in attendance has been exponential. Prophet Oyesanya had an engaging session with THE GATEWAY PEOPLE, taking us down memory lane on how he fought about 70 demons on the mountain which used to be a den of robbers and demons before finally establishing the house of God. He spoke on fulfilling purposes in life, what should be the role of the Church in the society, why increase in the number of Churches does not leads to salvation and the nexus between the Church of God and Church of Satan as well as special prophecy for Ogun state and Nigeria as a whole on the approaching 2019 General elections.


TGP: How did you move from Media to Evangelism
Firstly, we must know that in life, whatever anybody becomes is by God Almighty, but I can tell you that God have so many great plans for so many people, but they are missing the line. One in life, before you attain success or you achieve a goal, you must know the reasons why you are doing a particular thing. You must understand your purpose in life. What am I here to do on earth? Then, for anyone that will succeed in life, he or she must do a lot of studies about the line and the vision he wants to pursue. Those that have done it and failed what are their stumbling blocks? Those that have done it and are successful, what is their strength? But, many people in life do not really take time to do some soul searching about who they themselves are. I see so many people in life living the life of a mirror. What do I mean by the life of a mirror? Mirror only captures whatever it sees. For Nigeria, we have a problem in Nigeria because there is no creativity revolution. Had it been there is a creativity revolution, whereby anybody can diversify, not relying solely on the government or the private sector, things would have been better than this. Look at our Technical Schools. Most of our Technical Schools can hardly handle things like fixing a car, household appliances etc. . And, let me say, most people are graduates, working in Nursery and Primary Schools,collecting N10,000 -N14,000 monthly. Why should this be so? For instance, if you are an undergraduate of Mechanical Engineering , you can easily go to places where they are doing Mechanical Engineering and learn the rudiments. And, by the time you are through with schooling, you can easily set up your own workshop. And, because you are educated, there would be more patronage. In my own case, I was coming from the media and now evangelism. But, I can tell you, it is not because I came from the media, many men of God came from the media to propagation of the gospel and somehow, somehow, they couldn’t make a headway. One, it is all about discipline, determination, hard labor. For, example when I was in the media, I was a cameraman, but I never limited myself to being a cameraman. I joined the Television as an Assistant Cameraman, later a Cameraman, but I followed producers and reporters to assignments and I turned myself to an apprentice and I learnt from them and eventually when the opportunity came, I became a presenter, a producer, to the extent that I even had an award to my credit, even before I went to the higher institution. So, I tell you, many people are going to school and the school is not passing through them. That is the reason why we have so many failures around the world. Later, I forged ahead . And, before I went into the higher institution, I was able to do what many graduates are doing. By the grace of God today, our radio programmes are being edited by my humble self and reports reaching me from one of the Radio stations says our radio programmes have good contents. That is the benefits of being diligent when I was in the media. But, now many people just believe that if they study Mass Communication, that is all. If you study, Mass Communication and you went ahead to do you Industrial Attachment in a bank, because you know bank will pay better, then you are losing the future already. But, they will tell you Mass Communication graduates can work anywhere. So, I came from the media to the gospel. Even, in the gospel, before I was called as a prophet, I played drum sets. I played the key board, I am an interpreter, I am a Preacher, I am a Vocalist, I am an interpreter. So, for you to fulfill purposes in life, you have to have some qualities that you possess. Those are the ingredients that will keep you going to fulfill your destiny.
TGP: Is Propagating the gospel a childhood dream or by accident ?
You see, when you talk about propagating the gospel, some were called , some were born. You can only find two types of Prophets in any case, those that were born and those that were called. And, those that were born can be likened to the generation of Elijah. He was born to do the work. And, Elijah trained Elisah. And, when you look at the Apostles, it was Jesus Christ that called them, follow me and I will make you fishers of men. So, some of us were born. Like, myself , I was born as a Prophet. I am aware. My mother told me the story of how herself and my father were attending the Methodist Church, Yaba, Lagos and they were looking for a child after marriage for four to five years to the extent that the family of my father were beginning to worry about what was going on. She said she went to an herbalist who told her that she was going to deliver a baby boy who would be a prophet and will start working for God by age 10, which was fulfilled . But, I tell you, even those that were born to do it, we are not always ready to do it, because we knew the task. And, those that were called; some are called through the Bible School. They attends the Bible school and they later received the callings. But, mind you, because you went to a Bible School doesn’t make you a Prophet. It doesn’t work like that. It is something that you will receive. You will hear the call.
TGP: Why resist the call initially ?
Actually, I was working for God before I came into the Media, but when I was doing it, I discovered that when I prayed for Mr. A or Madam B, by the time they come back, they come back with a stipend as a seed to me as a young Prophet then, And, I said, would I continue like this ? I am the first born. And, I now prayed to God to permit me to go to school and work in a Corporate environment to have the needed exposure to handle Gospel work and God did. But, when I got to the Corporate environment, I started enjoying the whole thing, I felt Whao!, there is no need for me to go back to the Gospel. But, God showed me that He is God. I had various motor accidents, like four times with trailers. Even in the office that I seems to be one of the best, things went bad that everything began to work against me. It was becoming a mess and I had to take the right step. Even, before then I tried to run the ministry on part time. I don’t want to start a full Church because I was still recalcitrant. I started a Church. That was in the year 2011. I will run the Ministry on Thursdays as a Prophet and on Sunday, I will go to my Church as an ordinary member. I started that on August 2011, but God was not satisfied and I had the last accident in October, 2011. I was to go and cover a Press Conference by Governor Amosun. A vehicle was sent to me to come and pick the Cameraman and the Reporter and I asked the cameraman to go with the vehicle, because I wanted to buy a set of chairs to be used at the Church. Then, I had already started the Ministry. It was on a Wednesday. I thought, after all, I could run the Ministry with my work. I was thinking that that should be ok by God. I was giving God conditions. Then, I do not want people to know me as a Prophet and I love my Church then. Apostle Lawrence Achudume of Victory Life Bible Church is a great man of God. We are so close. Himself and the Wife; they are blessings to me. I say it any day, anytime anywhere. Since I loved the Church and the people so well, I do not see any reason to leave my church. But, the thing kept coming and I said Ok. On that day, I took money from our office cooperative to buy chairs. On that fateful day, I was on my way and I took my own personal car from the office, hoping that I will move from Ajebo to Isale Ake to get the chair because I feared the Press Conference may dragged for a long time and I might not have the time to go and get the Chairs. I told the people that are renting us Chairs not to bring and I don’t want failure. On my way, that was how a trailer lost control. I will not forget that incident in a jiffy. The accident involved sixteen cars, mine was the fifteenth. It climbed my car and mangled it and surprisingly nothing happened to me. Some people died and I did not die. I did not even have a mark. That was the day I totally surrendered myself to God.
TGP: How is the journey so far?
I thank God , so far so good. You see, many people that are in the Ministry that are not doing well, it has to do with their foundation. You are worshipping under a man of God, his life and that of his co –travelers have been a blessing to you and you want to leave the church only for you to plan a coup underground and gather some people under that same person to start your own Church. Don’t you think such action comes with its consequences? When I was leaving Victory Life Bible Church, Apostle Lawrence Achudume tried a lot for me, not in terms of me being a man of God, but they were always there anytime. So, I do not see myself separating from them. When the calling became a must for me, all I did was that, I went to meet Apostle in his office and I expressed my appreciation to him for all that he had been doing for me. I told him how I was born and the prophecy even before I was given birth to. And, I said sir; the time has come for me to fulfill the prophecy by obeying God. I told him that I do not want a third party to come and inform him and that I wanted to inform him that I want to go and work for God. Then, he told me that he would confirm if I am the one having the push or if it was time. And, luckily for me I met the wife who also asked me if I had told Papa and I said yes and she prayed for me. I made sure that apart from Papa and Mama, I never told any other members of the Church about my calling. Everyone that is being called already have destinies attached to his or her calling and therefore, there is no need to pilfer other Churches’ congregants. I tell you anyone that start a church by snatching some people from another church is being called by those people and by the time he wants to tell them that he is their leader, they will tell him the story he doesn’t like to hear. So, anything that is rebelliously gathered will be rebelliously demolished. I have implicit confidence that no follower can destroy Fulfillment Prayer Mountain because it was not put together by malicious or rebellious act . It is a genuine calling that I have ran away for about fourteen to fifteen years before it came to fruition. I have been on a life programme with my mother in the Lord, Reverend. Mrs. Fola Achudume and I never knew she was the one that I would be paired with. And, when we finished, I took her Bible and bag and I took it to the car. I opened the door of her car for her and everyone that followed me were greeting me, but I said I would not answer until she leaves and she was so happy. But, many young men of God are rude and arrogant. Men of God that you have worshiped under them and they have gathered experience, you think you can pull them down ?. No! But, the fact is that this church was founded on righteousness. So, people that are going to the gospel, many are not called, neither were they born to do it. But, many are orators. many are motivational speakers. When we talk about calling, it is in two phases ; the one I call Paul’s calling and Apollo’s calling. The Bible says Paul planted; Apollo waters. So, some of us are born as Paul, those that found the Church and some of us are born as Apollo’s, those that would help the church to grow. To water it and nurture it. They can’t found a church; if they found it, it would not grow. I tell you most General Overseers are Apollo’s. They are not supposed to be a founder. That is why Reverend Adeboye was not the founder of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. It was founded by Pa Akindayomi. Can you then see what the Apollo of Baba Adeboye has done to the Church of God. Then , when you talk of people like Bishop Oyedepo. Oyedepo belongs to the people of Paul’s calling. You ca not give what you do not possess. It only takes a person that accepts the reality of the gospel that can do what I have said.
TGP: How did you discover your purpose in life ?
The late Gbenga Adeboye said, if you can discover your purpose in life, you will excel. Many people have not made the attempt to discover themselves. Ever since I was young, I have had the dream since Primary four that I would be a journalist. I do see the vision while I was young. One of my teachers then, Mrs. Aina was the wife to a veteran roadcaster then, Mr. Edddy Aina. I attended Army Children School. In those days, he would come with 504 Station Wagon car of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), brand new. When I looked at it, all I see on the brand new car was Journalism, and I would hear a voice, that is what you are going to do. So, I kept on pursuing it. And, if you are not educated, you cannot be a journalist. So, along the line, things were rough while we were growing up and I was into Barbing. But, because I knew I had to be a journalist I changed my course. I had two apprentices then. I told my mother then that I wanted to close down the barbing saloon and start learning video coverage and my mother was full of surprises at my decision. She was like , you are a boss already and I told her, what manner of boos was I ? What is my net worth and what is the value of the work I do that I am not able to take care of my mother? So,I learnt video coverage and I was employed as cameraman. Through camera work, I was previleged to be employed as an assistant cameraman at OGTV and from there I was launched into the journalism world. I learnt on the job. Some of the good people at OGTV helped to horn my career. Tokunbo Akintayo, Jumoke Olokode, Kemi Ewedairo and Shina Anidugbe, all of these people helped me in shaping my broadcasting career. Tokunbo Akintayo, oh! I love him so much, he taught me pronunciation, diction, but nobody knows, I do not think he knows himself. Then, due to my interest and passion, I would just go to the newsroom , packed all the bulletins and started rehearsing with the bulletin. I would be facing the camera and reading it without the light on. ‘’Hello, my name is Soji Oyesanya and this is OGTV news. Nobody was listening to me and I was doing it all by myself . I was rehearsing on my own and one day Tokunbo Akintayo met me and he taught me pronunciation and that was it. So, the problem is that people don’t discover themselves. I discovered that I needed to be a journalist and I know that I can do it. Many people have the spirit of limiting themselves, especially when they are making money already. You don’t limit yourself . As a cameraman, I remembered I did a jingle on election and I got someone helping me to juxtapose it. It was in the days of Jare Dada and the jingle was used on air then, even as a cameraman. Then, people used to castigate me, calling me all sorts of unprintable names, but today, those things are working for me. What I discovered is that many Africans are lazy bones. Everyone loves the easy way of making money. But, I tell you, the Bible says ‘’seeth a man that is diligent in his work ,he would stand before kings and not mere men. Even in the gospel work. The radio programme we are doing, all of these things are reflecting on it. To have a radio programme running for four to five years and you are not repeating a programme , it is not a joke. In fact, the gospel is not meant for Lazy bones. If you repeat sermons everytime, those that are really thirsty of the words, will leave your Church. I told my congregation, if you attend Fulfillment Prayer Mountain, the first year, the second year and you did not see changes in your life, please leave. There is no reason for you to be a crowd effect here. If your church can not change you, change your church. Because there is no name of any church that is key to the kingdom of God, it is your relationship with God.
TGP: What are the challenges of running the church
Last year(2018) August was the seventh year. I tell you if you are not diligent in your duty, you can spend seven or ten years or more without achieving anything tangible. God is the secret of the success of Fulfilment Prayer Mountain. One of the things I said led to our success was that when I left my formal church, I never betrayed my Apostle. I never told any member of Victory Life Bible Church to join this church. Some that are not even aware that I left VLBC to start this church have come to my office and attempted to speak rubbish about Reverend Lawrence Achudume, but I tell them to go back to their church. The church started in a room. I converted my living room to the church. Many men of God, when they want to start a church, they will go and rent an exquisite space. When I was starting this church, I never rented any strategic or exquisite place. I just told God you called me and I have provided my master bedroom and my house was in a remote area in Abeokuta at Ita-eko and before I knew it, we started in August, 2011 and by April 2012 we were already at Brewery, the present location of the church. I could remember that when we started in a room, one of my messages was that, you don’t come and pay tithe here, if you are a thief. If I discover anybody that paid any money that is beyond what I expected, I will invite the person to make enquiries. I collected tithe one day and my hands were hot and I said God , a thief had just paid tithe. I tried to locate some young men that are not straight forward in the church and I told them to excuse us until the church is convinced that they can be part of our congregation and to the glory of God, two weeks later, they were arrested. They are armed robbers. Like me now, I do not pray for Yahoo boys. I tell them that the brain that you have to do Yahoo, Yahoo, let us pray for you to get a greener pasture and settle for a decent life. How can a man of God be praying for Yahoo boys? So, you success in life lies on your principles of life. Once you harbors the believe that you can only achieve through dubious means, that is what will rule your life. At Fulfillment Prayer Mountain, when we started, it was a bit encouraging. The first service, we had about twenty-five members and I never invited anybody. I invited my wife and one of my sisters in-law that showed interest and all of a sudden, some people came and asked, what are you people doing here and I did answered them that God had directed that I start evangelism work, and we are trying to do just that in our own little way. But, what surprised me was that people that were passing, as they were hearing the ministration, the message and the prayers, because , it is a prayer ministry, they were joining, even to the extent of people that are hawking goods, they dropped their wares outside and came in to join the prayer. It was initially a Thursday weekly prayer and the Thursday weekly prayer later metamorphosed into Fulfillment Prayer Mountain, which we have today. And, I could remember, two months after we started, a member gave us a plot of land then at Oke-ata. I was so happy, dancing and I said, whao!, is this how it is so easy. But, on getting to the land, I heard the voice of God, which says ‘’I am not using this place and I said, this must be the voice of the devil’’ But, when I got home, I heard the voice again and I had begun to pray and pray. So, when God wanted to show me the place, it was on an environmental day and I just heard the voice and I followed it through. I was walking, walking ,until he pointed to the place. This place used to be a den of herbalist, demons and what have you. We can call it evil forest in the city. In those days before the Church came to brewery, the latest you can see people loitering around brewery is 7:00 pm. Anybody beyond that time could be kidnapped and have his body mutilated inside this den then. When we started, it was a serious challenge settling down. At least, I confronted nothing less than seventy demons here. There was a demon that confronted me and told me the name of my father, my mother, the name of the father that gave birth to my mother and so on. It said, it is a marine spirit, who usually comes to the mountain to enjoy fresh airs on the land; I wanted to come and destroy that. We fought and we fought and to the glory of God, Jesus sent them away. There is another one that doesn’t want to hear the voice of a car. We fought and fought and God took perfect control. And, sometimes, hoodlums would come to come and claim illegal title on the land and some of them do come with charms, matchets and sometimes I will remove my clothes to let them know that I didn’t have any charm, but I will tell them that once you beat me with that charm and it doesn’t work, don’t wait, because if I stretch my hands, you will die immediately and most of them will take flight. In those days, once I see them, I will just signal to my wife to go with my children. I faced them alone. And, God took control. I was able to weather the storm because I am a Prophet. To the glory of God, the Church is growing.
TGP: What is the role of the church in the society?
The truth is that most General Overseers, myself inclusive have missed the track. This is because, when Christianity was coming to Africa through the missionaries, it came with some largesse such as free education, free food and what have you?. Nowadays, the gospel has grown very well in Africa, where are the free foods, where are the free education and where are the free health? A church will have a school that is so expensive to the extent that an ordinary members of the church cannot even afford. This is the reason some men of God do not like me. They are saying it is because he is not there yet. Let me tell you this, I have a land that can build school, but I refused to do it, because our church is yet to have the resources to subsidise the fees. But, I can tell you that at present, we still pay school fees for minimum of 10 children, even with our widow’s mite. The Bible says we should not judge. I am not here to judge anyone. Those that are even guilty of it are high ranking men of God. It is a bitter truth. All I will say is that if you are man of God and you have been blessed, endeavour to bless others. Many of us that became big names in the Gospel are hitherto son or daughter of nobody. There is reason God did that. God took us through a process of penury, to know where the shoes pinches, so that by the time we are lifted, we should know how to give respite to the society. Once, you are blessed, it is time to bless others. We should rather help the society. Many men of God had forgotten about how they started. Truth is that if Jesus Christ did not suffer for us, we would not be what and who we are today. Many churches are helping the society, it is just that the volume of the churches doing that are just too minute. The mighty ones that are expected to be doing it are not doing it. Let me also add this, when you give rice, food stuffs and stuffs like that, it is not empowerment. Churches should begin to empower people For instance, if your church within a year produced about twenty graduates, the church should be able to send those interested for skill acquisition and professional training to empower them. Another thing is that most pastors that people are tagged corrupt, their General Overseers are responsible for most of the misconducts. A pastor that is a graduate for instance, and he is being paid N10, 000 per month and the so-called General Overseer, packed all the tithes and offerings. If you want such person to be responsible, if a colleague of his who works in a bank is paid N70,000 naira, please pay him that same amount or at least N50,000. And, if you know that your church does not have the strength to hire a residential pastor, don’t employ one.
TGP: What is responsible for high crime rate in the society, despite establishment of more churches?
The word of God is still strong. I just said it, your principles of life determines your success. He who decided to act in a Godly way, nobody can change that. No temptation, tribulations, it is faith. What is faith?, it is determination. To succeed you have to be determined. In fact, I can tell you that there would still be more churches. But, you know what, as Christ church is growing , Satan’s churches are also growing ; they use the banner of Jesus , but they are not of for Jesus. Those are the signs of the end time. Any pastor that is fanatical, is not of God. On my programmes for instance, I do send greetings across to the Christian and Muslim clerics especially at time of festivities and the bulk of our messages rest on peace. Success is a joint effort. By the time we preach peace in the church; preach peace in the mosque, and then the nation will be ok.
TGP: What is your position on religious tolerance and supremacy?
I do not think there are basis for any religious supremacy. Abraham was the father of Isaac and was the father of Ishmael. They are interwoven. I think, it depends on the level of understanding of individual about God. You can’t defend God. You cannot speak for him. He is God. All that matters should be peace. I see such issue as a way of making money. If you are to be a pastor, God will show you. The Bible speaks about life and time of Jesus very glowingly, so also is the Quran. In fact, there are many stories about the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that are not documented in the Bible, but are in the Quran and are very germaine. And, even the Quran confirmed that Jesus was coming back. The Quran confirmed that He resurrected. I am a prophet for instance and I have both the Quran and the Bible, because I want to learn about the two figures.
TGP: How can youths fulfil their fulfilment I life?
You cannot fulfill purpose, if you are far away from God, be it a Christian or a Muslim. He is our creator. So, many are not fulfilling purposes in life because the gaps between them and their creator is very wide. So, for you to fulfill destiny in life, you must love God, when you love God, He would show you who you are; He would nurture you. Number two is that, you discover yourself. If you do not discover yourself, you will just be a rank zeros or a mirror, who will just be copying others. You should try to be an exception. You may learn from others, but not to download them, another thing I will like to tell the youths for instance is that, if you are not humble, you can never be anything in life. This is because somebody that will take you to limelight might be someone younger than you and if you are arrogant, you might have looked down on that person. An arrogant fellow is an envious person. Another thing is that integrity is fast diminishing in our society; people are no longer building integrity. Integrity in our generation is gradually going into extinction. People should work on integrity to fulfill purpose in life.
TGP: What is your prophesy for 2019 elections?
The prophecy for Nigeria is that in mid 2018, I saw the mace moving from the chambers and it began to enter communities and I said God, what is this , God said by myself I will give Nigeria government that will favour them in 2019. But, the way it would work out, I do not know. But, I see one week or two weeks of siege, when everybody will be in their houses . It would not going to be killing but there would be siege and tension and immediately after that there would be stability. And, for Ogun State, the un-expected will rule.

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