A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) in Ogun State, Prince Lekan Tejuoso,  has expressed the opinion that  the  recent purported election and inauguration of a faction of the party led by Senator Buruji Kashamu  in the state will not stand the test of time.

The former commissioner for Community Development and Cooperatives, Tejuoso,  said no state congress could be conducted without the involvement of the national working committee of the party.

“The PDP Original in Ogun State as far as we are concerned has not conducted its congress because, we belief it is the national working committee of the party that will dictate when such a congress will hold according to the guidelines of the party.
“Those, who claimed that they have conducted a congress in Ogun State are not sincere members of the party. There is no state that has the singular power or authority to conduct congresses on its own without the involvement of the NWC  and the INEC supervising it”.
“The so called congresses were neither conducted by the NWC of our party nor supervised by the IndepeNEC. So, such a charade congresses will not stand the test of time because it did not follow the guidelines of the PDP but also not known to the national headquarters of the party”
He speaks further:
Why I remain in PDPD inspite  of its internal crisis
I have always being a consistent politician and I will remain so because I do not like jumping ship. When PDP was good we were there together. If the party had problem as the case now, the best thing for us as dedicated and committed member is not to desert it, but  find an amicable solution to the problem. However, it must not be where illegality and unconstitionalism is the order of the day.
How PDP could return to its winning streaks in Ogun
For PDP to be relevant and return to its winning-streak again in Ogun State,  its members must respect its constitution to the letter. It must not under any circumstance allow anyone or group, no matter how powerful, influential  or rich they may be to direct the affirs of the party. The recent congress of the party and inauguration of the purported state executive members  was nothing but a charade and Illegal which must be condemned by all lovers of democracy.
Why PDP crisis persits
It was because of the desperate desire of  some members to have the control of the party that often led to frictions among them in the past. The few members do not have clean heart  of reconciliation as they claimed and that’s why the problem is still lingering. A good party member will always abide by the decision of the party no matter what. As long as we have those that can be described as fifth columnists among us, we will continue to have problem as we are currently having. 
Howoever, whoever wants to draw us back now will be shown the way out as the new national leadership does not condone anti-party activities. Unlike in the past, PDP is now moving towards a good journey, whoever wants to draw it  backward will be shown the way, out by the party both at the state and at the national headquarters.

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