A Non Governmental Organisation, Habiba Charity Foundation,  has built and handed over a mosque to the Nigerian Prison Services, Oba, Ogun State.The Ogun State  Controller of Prison,  Abolade Benson, received the donation on behalf of the service from the manager of the foundation, Dupe Otenaike, While appreciating the donor and gesture, Benson, who  promised  the ultimum usage of the mosque said: ” I want to thank Habiba Charity Foundation for building this mosque for Oba prison in Ogun State Command”.He added: “It is a very kind gesture. I believe it will enable the Muslim inmates to move closer to God. I want to thank them for the gesture and we really appreciate the donation”. On how the donation would  impact positively on the inmates , the controller said: ” Religion is one of the ways we refine inmates .

So, building this mosque for inmates will help us to fulfill our mandate to prisons which is majorly reformation. It is our believe that when the inmates constantly ear the words of God ,it would go a long way in reforming them'” The founder, Habiba Charity Foundation, Engineer Rasheed Sunmola , in an interview explained  the rationale behind the gesture “The idea behind it is to try to render some services  to humanity in our own little way. We try to assist both Muslims and non Muslims alike . When we give them food, pay some fines for those who can’t afford to pay, and put them in classes  for education purposes”. “It’s always for all of the inmates , we don’t segregate. We also  believe that  if there is a church at any of the prisons in any state for the Christians to worship, there should also be a mosque for the Muslims there as well. That’s our reason” , he stated.                               Asked if he  was  not making the donation for political reasons, Sunmola, who resides I  Netherlands said:”  I have no poliical ambition. It’s purely to seek the pleasure of my creator Allah. Part of what we do is to assist in rehabilitation of the inmates while they are in the Prison and after their release from the prison”.The foundation proprietor, who lamented high crime rates among youths, appealed to governments to stem the ugly tide. ” I think the crime rate among the youth is increasing so much and something has to be done as a matter of urgency”, he concluded.