Hurray OGD is 65!

Taló sọpé aò lólórí?

Otunba Gbenga Daniel is our leader not today but since.

After the conquer of the den of lions, we chose right a leader for yeah.

With a smile that’s harmless is strength of steel we all draw from a well of wisdom that springs with the treasure of shining times.

For Yoruba Emancipation we know who the true leader is that subsists across intellectuality, politics and civil rights.

Subtle but surely with entrenched strides too thick and deep to erode.

Is it our Hero Sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the great fighter we emulate, the Great Abraham Adesanya that produced the erudite Yinka Odumakin that we now mourn or the Ebora of Owu, Baba Obasanjo or Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and our Titans of Royal Majesties even our Greatest Author Icon, the Kongi himself, Prof Wole Soyinka and truly national icons worthy of reverence that OGD hasn’t inputs of his relevance?

Seeing this from Egbaland, we shelved local tribalism within Yoruba irredentism for this clear ardentissimus giant who presents a disarming Erendira cover that assuming misanthropists regret.

Ever since, we gained in the Asọ̀lúdẹ̀rọ̀ University for steadfastness towards the Eldorado.

Therefore, when free-for-all surfaces and all amateurs, ragamuffins and urchins amidst the pool of the unemployed graduates of the devils’ workshop pick tools to fight for secession, we look on amused though deeply concerned.

The hydra-headed problems of the polity cannot be solved by rascality of the uncouth because water has found its level long before now for a course that will evolve into our hearts’ desires.

We’re not known for anarchy as two wrongs don’t ever make a right.

We move with the wave of the times as being stipulated by the trailblazers for genuine egalitarianism.

Many have eulogized OGD that repeating accolades will spring plagiarism.

However, the ingenuity of human development that produced millionaires from indigent youths that rose from destitution in ordinary paint making, GSM repairs and artistic novelties from indigeneity devoid of tribal discrimination now taken for granted is a must resounding decimal worthy of continuous mentions.

Wealth creation as Engineer OGD built in human lives in Ogun State and still builds among us is a template that the Federal Republic of Nigeria can emulate to make Nigeria truly great.

The Church is not the Cathedrals but the congregants and the economy of a nation is not the infrastructure alone but also the enterprise of the people.

OGD, Otunba Justus Olugbenga Ọmọ Daniel is now 65 years old matured to lead into the promise land, we’re following.

This OGD orange is still filled with enough juice for our suck.

ALMIGHTY ETERNAL GOD we pray to preserve OGD for the tasks ahead till he retires beyond the centenary of our good.


Engineer Paul Oni
Chairman, ANA Ogun State Chapter.

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