Today, I visited my parental grandparents houses- Delesolu compound, Totoro, Owu Abeokuta, Jilafin compound, Apomu, Owu, Abeokuta.
I also paid similar visit to my maternal grandparents houses – Awaye compound and Oloshi compound, all in Totoro and Shokori, Owu Abeokuta to felicitate with my extended families and to appreciate nature and human being.
At my younger age as a toddler and grown up, all my parents houses were tucked in the hallows and valleys of clumsy architecture of old with the only motorable road from Jeboda through Shokori very narrow, undulating and full of hazards. 
Today, to God be the Glory, the road is six lane, coal tarred with side kerbs and modern illumination that make it a standard and comparable with what obtains anywhere in the world. 
To cap the ambience, the Shokori river bank which in those days was our rendezvous for traditional worshippers dumping ground for their sacrifices, is now a tourist haven with concrete overhead bridge on the water for pleasures of all types.. Ditto other popular streets and roads in the capital city of Abeokuta turning the anciently metropolis into a commercial and tourism destination in the world. We are grateful to Ibikunle Amosun, the God chosen governor who has transformed Abeokuta and other notable centres in the state to modernity.
Today as Oba in Akinale, I express my profound gratitude to Governor Ibikunle Amosun for sighting in my locale, one of the Model Secondary Schools which is functioning very effectively today. I have two grandchildren in the school and they are doing well.
Like kabiyesi Alake and Paramount ruler of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo said, it is a mark of appreciation and gratitude for all Egba sons and daughters to pay Amosun back with their solid votes for the senatorial seat on the Ogun Central constituency.
Amosun, our vote, our Senator.
Towulade of AkinaleOba Olufemi Ogunleye

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