Cocoa House Elevator Disaster: We’re not involved, says Krestal Laurel

The management of the Krestal Laurel, Nigeria’s foremost elevators company, has distant itself from the fatal incident that occured at the Cocoa House’s Ibadan, Oyo State elevator on Wednesday.

Below is s statement by its Managing Director, Engr. Dideolu Falobi, FNSE, FIoD

Our attention has been drawn to information trending on the Social Media in respect of the unfortunate incident on one of the old and non-functioning elevators at the Cocoa House, Ibadan which happened on January 6, 2021.

While we sympathize with the management of Cocoa House, the family and friends of the victims of the incident, we are constrained by the linking of our name to the incident to clarify as follows:

  1. Four elevators were installed in Cocoa House, Ibadan about 30 years ago.
  2. Kresta Laurel Limited replaced two of the elevators about ten years ago and both elevators are working and are in good condition.
  3. The Management of Cocoa House decided to replace one of the remaining two elevators and the contract for the replacement was awarded to another contractor NOT KRESTA LAUREL LIMITED.
  4. The accident happened while the elevator was being dismantled in readiness for the installation of a new one by the new contractor.
  5. Again, our condolences go to the family of the dead and we pray that the injured would be restored to perfect health.
  6. For emphasis, we reiterate that neither Kresta Laurel Limited nor any of its staff or agents were involved in this incident.

Thank you