At 78, it’s gratitude to God – Akinola

Former Primate, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, The Most Rev. Peter Jasper Akinola, has expressed gratitude to God for his life at 78, even though he admitted that it had been characterized by many challenges.
Basking in the euphoria of the milestone, which was low-key but celebrated with a church service on Thursday, January 26, 2022, Akinola, said he had nothing to offer God than abundant thanks and gratitude
Asked how he felt at 78, Akinola, one of the few Nigerians who speaks the truth to government in power said: “there may have been full of challenges, but above all, the grace of God has been overwhelming. So, it is all thanks and praises to the name of God”.
Responding to a question on whether there is a particular thing that He had asked God that He had not done for him, the firebrand cleric said: “Absolutely nothing! In fact, He has done for me exceedingly and abundantly whatever I could have hoped for so far in life.
“So as at today, my prayer is that may I never lose Heaven. After all I must have done in this life, may I not lose Heaven. That’s my only prayer now”, he said.
“Horrible, terrible, unbearable. That’s where we are now. May God help us”. That was his reaction to a question on situation in the country.
Asked to suggest a way forward for the country, Akinola asked in Yoruba: “when we were telling them did, they listen? Where do we start now?
“Is it in area of corruption, security, poor economic management, poverty ravaging them country or youth restiveness. Let’s stop there. Oro Nigeria ku si owo Olorun”, he stated.
Earlier in his sermon, Bishop Akintunde Popoola of the Ibadan South Anglican Diocese, extolled the virtues of the former primate, describing him as a man with strong will.
“He is a rare man of God, who is not afraid to say it as it is, no matter whose ox is gored. He is also a father, mentor, teacher and a visionary religious leader and scholar, who is more than to be celebrated”.
Popoola, who said he had the opportunity of serving under Rev. Akinola in the past described the latter as a true man of God, whose contributions towards the growth of the Christendom would forever be remembered.
Dignitaries at the service which held at the Basilica of Grace, Peter Akinola Foundation were close friends and family members of the celebrator among whom were the Bishop Ogundeji, of the Anglican Egba West
Others were Bishop Oke retired bishop of the Ijero Diocese, Bishop Odubogun, retired bishop of Ife, Bishop Popola, retired bishop of Osogbo, Bishop Festus Davies Dioceses of Ogori/Magomgo. Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Olidaisi Adekunle, Bishop of Egba, Chief Yinka Kufile, Chief Sunday Oduntan, Bamofin of Egba and Chief Reuben Sogaolu among others.

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