Adieu Yinka Odumakin!

I never knew I could shed tears ever again but I cried in secret and before my wife.

I never knew I had weakness resident in me but when I displayed it my wife was taken aback.

Tears ran down my cheeks in torrents like a waterfall.

My wife stared her eyeball off their sockets.

Man of steel soft as cotton.

Weakness revealed unannounced.

Nobody forearmed as to know how to conciliate.

Like a steelhead trout torpedoes through water I swarm in my tears.

Nobody could conflate my mettlesome sturdiness with this broken heart I display.

Without warning Yinka Odumakin passed on without allowance for farewell.

Why do I cry so much when I have always known death to be the definite end of man?

My tears surged for our ignorance.

For our gusto in ephemeral inordinate cravings.

Chasing after shadows of illusions.

What Yinka Odumakin fought for finally killed him.

Lack of the best Yinka clamoured for but fell on deaf ears finally took his life.

Good governance that’s missing here while the president gets the best medics by flight into saner climes with our collective patrimony Yinka had to die of our inadequacies here.

I cry for fear of the possibility of loosing the battle Yinka died for as the continuity of our tethering lingers.

Who will take this gauntlet like Yinka Odumakin took from Gani Fawehinmi?

Will all our heroes die without the Eldorado we seek?

Our Martin Luther King dies and the dream he saw tilts towards the precipice.

Nobody should sleep in cosy couches as death that killed Yinka is underneath your cushions primed to strike again.

This death is one too many as to ignite action in us for unison to demand more earnestly for equity, justice and civility to engender proper development in all ramifications.

Adieu Yinka Odumakin

Engineer Paul Oni
Chairman, ANA Ogun State Chapter
Convener Yoruba Survival Group

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