Tribute to Olowu Oba Dosunmu

How do we describe him?
A Dramatist? A Thespian? A Writer, Producer and Director? A Theologian? A Politician? A First Class Traditional Ruler?
We are still talking about the same individual —- a man of the Arts.
He was all of the above….and more.
Above all, he was a compulsive story teller, a repository of culture and history as well as a family man.
I shall dwell more on this side of Kabiyesi Olowu Olusanya Dosunmu, Kangunere, Akobi Oodua, Amororo 11, the Paramount Ruler of the Ancient Owu Kingdom, Abeokuta.
All along, he had been maintaining relationships with the extended Dosunmu family but by the year 2000, he practically went from house-to-house to bring each section of the family together.
Thus, the family meeting of Amororo (Adekunle Section) Ruling House — comprising Dosunmu, Browne, Monibi and Adesola families — was born.
Kabiyesi was passionate about the Amororo lineage and he ensured the redevelopment of the Amororo Heritage House.
Prior to this, Kabiyesi during one of his evangelical trips to the United States of America, took it upon himself to organise a very detailed and well-executed search for a son of the Browne family who had departed the shores of Nigeria around 1930 in search of the proverbial Golden Fleece but lost contact with home during the Second World War.
Kabiyesi eventually found those who knew him.
To make the picture clearer, Kabiyesi Olusanya’s grandfather, Oba Adesunmbo Dosunmu (Amororo 1), the 6th Olowu (26th Dec., 1917-24th March 1924) had a full sister named Osunfolahan Dosunmu who got married in Lagos and was survived by one child — James Dipeolu Browne aka Daddy Alaja of Lagos. He was my grandfather.
Dipeolu Browne’s first child was Eugene Akintunde Browne who Kabiyesi painstakingly discovered was a Professor at Roosevelt University, Chicago and a contemporary of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.
Kabiyesi met his wife and son, Eugene Dipeolu-Browne who later came to Nigeria to reunite with the family along with his own son, Eugene junior.
This was amazing — great works and perseverance by Kabiyesi.
Fast forward to the year 2006 right after Kabiyesi ascended the throne of the Olowu of Owu, Abeokuta, he reached out to me to set up a Public Relations Department in the palace so as to improve upon the image of the Kingdom and liaise with the various publics.
I never imagined I would leave Lagos to come and set up a home in Abeokuta but Kabiyesi made it possible.
Not long afterwards, he informed me that he desired to confer a chieftaincy title on me. “Ng o fi o j’oye”, he had said in Owu dialect.
What? Me? Óyè? I felt like running away because I had always wondered why people would want to be made a chief. I now know better. It is an honour to serve one’s people and community and to add value.
One can go on and on about the man Olusanya Adegboyega Dosunmu who came, saw and conquered.
Adieu Kabiyesi!
May your soul rest in perfect peace.

Omo’ba Akinpelu Browne

Omotobase of Owu Kingdom.