Much Ado About Aremo Yewa!

I know I will come under scarthing attacks for this piece. I know some political jobbers and the ubiquitous ‘data boys’ would snarl at this. I am certain those whose sense of reasoning was been blurred and obliterated by filthy lucre in Yewaland would make snide remarks and try to deride me.

Nevertheless, I am undeterred. I will stand on the side of the truth. My bible makes me to understand that “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.(Proverbs 14 vs 34 GNB)

I am at sea as to why we in Ogun West love to create needless division and spark avoidable controversy that tends to create fault lines within us.

Initially It came as a rumour suddenly assumed a life of it’s own. The Olu of Ilaro and Paramount ruler of Yewaland , Oba Kehinde Olugbenle, plans to enthrone Senator Olamilekan Adeola as Aremo Yewaland!

My initial response was that of surprise and shock! I asked the woman who was vigorously trying to market the idea what is the purpose of the confirment. She couldn’t give any tangible reason. I then asked if she knows the implications of the step on the unity of the people of Ogun West to produce a governor of Ogun state from Ogun West extraction. She drew blank again.

I told her in unmistakeable terns that this move, if actualised, will be a blow to our collective aspiration to attain the lofty political goal we all desire. I told her it will further divide us and perhaps make our collective political aim much harder.

We all know there are five main ethnic groupings in Ogun West. The five ethic groups dominates each of the five local governments that makes up Ogun West Senatorial distict. The ethnic groups, for the sake of those who dont know, are Awori, Yewa, Anago, Ketu, Egun and the Ohori.

The Awori are in Ado-odo/Ota, the Yewa populate Yewa South and part of Yewa North Local government councils, the Ketu are in Imeko-Afon and shares Yewa North with the Ohori and Yewa.The Ketu and Ohori spread to Benin Republic while the Anago and the Egun are in Ipokia Local Government. The Egun also have their kinsmen in Benin Republic.

Interestingly, each of the ethnic groups have their monarchs. The Olota of Ota-Awori heads the Awori, the Onipokia leads the Anago, the Onimeko heads the Ketu while the Olu of Ilaro leads the Yewa.

If we in Yewa unveil the Aremo of Yewaland, i hope we know nothing stops the Onimeko or the Onipokia from enthroning their own Aremo too! Or do we think the Ketu and Anagos are OBLIGATED to flow along and concur with whatever we do in Yewa? Don’t bet on it!

As a corolary to that, the agelong mutual suspicion by the Awori of the perceived domination by the Yewa stand aside unresolved. Hence, we should be on the look out for Aremo of Aworiland too!

Hey, don’t twist it or get me wrong! This is not aimed at attacking anybody-because that is what some people will soon be thinking . No! My aim is to call us to reason. Why do we need to fragment ourselves over a needless venture?

How many Aremo sshould we expecting in Ogun West? Aremo Yewa, Aremo Awori, Aremo Ketu, Aremo Anago? Haba! why? How does those Aremos further the collective goal we ve been toiling for? i cant sincerely see it. I only see it further polarising us and making unity and political harmony in Ogun West harder. I think we should not be trying to cut our nose in order to spite our face!

I know some ethnic chauvinistss will take this honest opinion personal. They will want to remind me that the Yewa are the undisputed leader in Ogun West. Maybe! Maybe not! But may I remind those in that school of thought that it is votes that count in a democracy.

The Awori accounts for 42 percent of the entire votes in Ogun West (they should go and check this). It means Ogun West cannot attain the goal we seek without the Awori firmly rooted with us. God forbids that the Awori decide to pact with the three other ethnic groups to pursue a political goal.

I know whatever I say won’t count for I am persuaded that as Isaiah 59.14 says “… truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter( in Nigerian matters)” .

I also know of a truth that some self-seeking court-jesters who are opportuned to call attention to the dangers ahead would dismiss this as hogwash, but I want to be on records that i’ve voiced my opinion. I ‘ve waved the redflag about this funny behaviour of creating unnecessary controversy and division within family members.

We should pursue things that will unite rather than fragments us in Ogun West.

  • Balogun, journalist, public analyst and social commentator hails from Yewaland

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