Ogun State Governor-elect, Prince Dapo Abiodun has said that he would always submit himself to the will of the people as well as remain humble while in office.

He spoke during an Inauguration Lecture, organised as part of activities to usher him into the Oke Igbein Government House as the fifth governor.

The in-coming governor also stressed that he would never do anything to destroy the confidence the people of the state repose in him.

“My commitment is to serve you diligently and sincerely as an appreciation of the mandate which you have bestowed on me. This event is therefore, another step to emphasise on the need to and to interrogate further, an enriched good governance of the next administration.”

“I will submit myself to the will of the people, I will invest in human capital, I will remain humble. If it has gotten me this far, I don’t have any reason to change”

“There are many challenges confronting our nation and our dear state, Ogun inclusive. However, there seems to be a concensus that with good governance, some of these challenges will be significantly addressed if not totally eliminated.”

“In the course of my campaign which cut across the length and breath of the state, I saw the abundant natural endowment and vibrant youths population and felt the enterprises spirit of the people.

”The deplorable conditions of our infrastructure, the less than dignifying living conditions of an average citizen which is part of the unmistakable disconnect between government and the citizenry also steered us in the face.

“Citizens have become cynical of government and trust, which is an essential element of the social contract between the government and the people has been badly impaired.

“Indeed, the wide gap between the potentials and realities on ground showed that there is a missing factor in catalyst and an enabler. I have no doubt that the missing link is good governance.

“Sequel to the electoral victory, three major steps have been taken as part of the preparations of the incoming administration to match actions with words in determination to realise the mission to provide good governance.

“First, we set up the Economic Transition Committee and work group to further elaborate on building our future together agenda and provide a road map that identifies specific initiatives and timelines in buckets of a 100 days: short medium and long terms.

“In addition, we invited other major politics parties and co-contestants for the gubernatorial seat to ensure inclusiveness. I am delighted to note that the preliminary reports of the work groups received about a week ago has confirmed my belief that the knowledge, wisdom and even passion to achieve good governance are in abundance across the state and party lines in the state.

“I thank most sincerely, men and women who have volunteered their time, skills and even financial resources to serve the state through this exercise.

“Secondly, we have collated the list of basic needs of the people across the state. These included rural, township and industrial roads. primary healthcare centers, public primary and secondary schools with indication of their current conditions and categorising them as to the required efforts to turn them around in record time.

“The next phase in this process is to engage the local communities to jointly determine the priorities for government’s intervention in infrastructure of their respective areas. The intention here is to ensure that government’s expenditure aligned with the prioritised needs of the people as we constantly engage them.

“Third, we have deliberately encouraged and invited various zones and official stakeholders to submit in written form, their peculiar requirements and perspectives on how the incoming government should positively impact on their lives. It is gratifying that this challenge has been taken up enthusiastically by different groups who not only submitted their respective inputs, but make professional presentations that makes one proud of having the honour of presiding over the affairs of such an enlightened people as the good people of Ogun State.

“The tasks ahead are daunting, the challenges are many, the resources are limited, yet, I am confident that once we have the most important currency in our people’s bank, which is the trust of our people, we will be okay.

“We will be concenscious oriented, we will be accountable, we will be transparent, we will be responsive, we will be equitable and inclusive, we will be effective and efficient, we will follow the rule of laws and we will be participatory.

“These are non – negotiable principles that will underpin government operations and our definition of good governance. Let me assure you that we will careful study and stick to today’s conversations and synergise them with other suggestions such as that of the work groups’ reports”, Abiodun concluded.

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