Lesson Lesson Lesson AGAIN but count me out of another learning because I have learnt ENOUGH!!!
It is better to leave animal kingdom for the animals to dwell within. GNI is does not belong here. 
Here is full of wicked souls and devilish minds without conscience. You must be mischievous, liar, wicked, selfish and fettish before they can see you as one of them.  GNI does not belong here.
It is high time to fight for one self, family and close acquaintances than fighting the course of a jinxed people, a people that is only good at lamentation, a people that only pay good with bad in return. May your suffering continues. GNI does not belong here.
Encouraging and Motivating young minds is one of the hallmarks of a sincere leader of which GNI is one; but many of those young minds are lost to the rotten system where only the indecorous acts can get things done. It was more of wasted efforts as only very few bought into the vision. GNI does not belong here.
My attention was drawn to the happenings in Oyo State, days leading to election where other candidates of major opposition were adopting Seyi Makinde who today is the elected governor of Oyo State and I responded that there are leaders in Oyo State but here in my bleeding state and the so called dead political family, what we have are Dealers not leaders who are so smart in selfish endeavors. You can always survive around them if you have their traits but where did their alignment of 2015 land them? more sorrow and pains? this one will be more and worst. GNI does not belong here.
I personally studied a GNI and I was convinced in his personality since 2009 and from 2011 till date I have never had any modicum of reason to look elsewhere because I am most pleased in his leadership, civility, humility, brilliance, vision, attitude to life, his sincere and good mind. I am proud of you for ever but I repeat; GNI does not belong here.
I was involved not for survival or economic reason but because I believe in a man with unequal focus and vision with height of sincerity leading the crusade of a people that have unanimously pledged to keep on suffering and lamenting. I give glory to God that I gave my all in all circumstances. Now there is no longer Jafojo but Jafun arae loku. GNI does not belong here.
Where does GNI belong? GNI belongs to the class of Tony Elumelu, Otedola etc and leave this Igbo Olodumare for the brutish that care less about tomorrow or their children future. The lost sheep that have no conscience and only led by their stomachs. May their sorrows know no end. 
To those that did well, I salute and congratulate you all. Let’s move on with reservations but also with divine hope for a bleeding State of ours. 
I remain Wale Junaid (WJ)100319

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