1) PROTOCOLS2) On behalf of the Ogun West Stakeholders Forum, I want to welcome each and every one of us to this epoch making event which clearly is another landmark in the political history of Ogun West Senatorial District. The struggle for the enthronement of an Ogun West son or daughter as the Governor of Ogun State is at this period going through its 8th cycle. Sadly 43 years down the line and despite the huge investments materially and emotionally, the object of the struggle remains unachieved. My prayer is that this time around God Almighty will bless us with a resounding success.3) Let me first and foremost call our attention to the fact that this summit is not about a political party. It is not about the House of assembly, House of Representatives or Senate elections. All the candidates to these offices irrespective of their political party are sons and daughters of Ogun West and should therefore be treated purely on their individual merits for the purpose of the elections. Ogun West has never produced the Governor of Ogun State, a situation which without doubt is largely responsible for the poor socio-economic condition of our district. Our focus therefore should is on the governorship position and how this time around we can work together to break the purported jinx on Ogun West.  I wish also state clearly and unequivocally that in promoting this summit, Ogun West Stakeholders Forum has not received any funding directly or indirectly from a political party, a candidate or a godfather somewhere. This summit is being funded entirely by voluntary contribution by members of the forum.4) Ogun West Stakeholders Forum which came into being about 6 months ago is a Coalition of online and offline groups working for the actualization of the 2019 Ogun West for Governor Agenda. The Forum is political but not affiliated to any Political party or platform and currently consists of 7 independent organizations i.e Ogun West Consultative Forum (OWECOF), New Era, Ogun West Collectives, Ogun West front liners, Ogun West Liberation Movement, Yewa-Awori Political Discourse, Ogun West Liberation Movement and Ogun West Project Forum. Each of these organizations have been involved in many independent activities including media engagements, production of jingles, Organizing lectures, presentation of position papers to appropriate political authorities, social media campaign and grassroots mobilization among others in order to ensure the actualization of the agenda.The Forum was established to provide a platform to practically engage Ogun West Gubernatorial aspirants and their political parties such that we can work with them to streamline the many options on the field and ensure that our formidability on the political turf is strengthened.To this end and after rigorous review and evaluation of the Ogun State political environment, the Forum came to the conclusion in September 2018 just before the commencement of political parties primary elections that the All Peoples Congress(APC) and the African Democratic Congress(ADC) presented the best opportunity for the actualization of the 2019 Ogun West for Governor Agenda. We therefore intensely engaged the leadership of these 2 political parties as well as our brothers within these parties who are aspiring to become the next Governor of our dear State. The Ogun West Stakeholders Forum on invitation held several meetings with the leaders of the APC in Ogun West to support their efforts and we were active participant in the signing of the memorandum of understanding by the 10 APC Gubernatorial aspirants from Ogun West.  We also witnessed the announcement of Hon. Abdukabir Adekunle Akinlade as the consensus gubernatorial candidate from Ogun West and participated in some of the initiatives to defend the consensus arrangement.
Similarly on invitation, we held meetings with the Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka and the leadership of ADC in Ogun West. We closely monitored the gubernatorial primary election of the ADC and in fact paid Prince Isiaka a congratulatory visit after his emergence as the gubernatorial candidate of the party.5) Distinguish ladies and gentlemen, the political dramas that pervaded our dear state during and immediately after the primary elections is known to all of us. Today, the zoning arrangement in the APC has been upturned to the disadvantage of Ogun West and the consensus gubernatorial candidate of APC from Ogun West jettisoned for another candidate. This development has resulted in the fractionalization of the APC in Ogun State with the attendant decamping of Hon. Abdukabir Adekunle Akinlade with his supporters to another political party, a sad reminder of a similar scenario in our recent political history that many of us cannot easily forget. Unfortunately, the chief promoter of the Ogun West for Governor Agenda in the APC, Senator Ibikunle Amosun is remaining behind and contesting in the APC.6) In the last few weeks, The Ogun West Stakeholders Forum has continued our critical evaluation of the Ogun State polity viz a viz the strong desire of majority of Ogun West people that one of them takes over the mantle of leadership in the state from May 29th, 2019. We have consulted widely within and outside Ogun West, asking questions from the average Ogun State voters and critical gatekeepers including traditional rulers, community leaders, religious leaders, leaders of trade unions, artisans, market men/women, professionals groups and socio-cultural organizations. We have looked closely at the various political parties with an Ogun West son as the gubernatorial flag bearer and carried out comprehensive SWOT analysis of such political platforms. We have asked questions and we have gotten answers. We have also been asked questions and have attempted as much as we could to provide answers. 7) Going forward, we know that in order to achieve success in 2019, we must have an optimal mix of a strong gubernatorial candidate running on a viable political platform.Political parties are the vehicles on the back of which we must ride on this journey to Oke-Mosan. We must therefore closely scrutinize and ensure that the vehicle Ogun West plan to place its hope for 2019 on is in a very good state of health in all its critical parts and is able to undertake this journey seamlessly. We have therefore examined the 5 political parties that is featuring an Ogun West son as its gubernatorial flag bearer. These parties are A. Advance Allied Party (AAP)                        B. Alliance for Democracy
C. African Democratic Congress (ADC)          D. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)E. Allied Peoples Movement (APM) In terms of structure, grassroots penetration, clear identity, visibility, national spread and internal cohesion, we asked ourselves which of these political parties is best suited for this all important journey.8) The gubernatorial candidate is the driver that will hold the steering to navigate us to the desired destination. Our candidate of choice must therefore have demonstrable capacity and experience, must be sellable with little or no political liabilities, he or she must have good control of the steering, must be very clear of the direction and must be popular enough to attract the required number of passengers (votes) in order to reach the Oke-Mosan destination. The Ogun West Stakeholders Forum   therefore also focused our searchlight on the 5 Gubernatorial candidates from Ogun West on the field viz Gboyega Nasir Isiaka of the ADC, Adewale Omoniyi of the ANRP, Abdukabir Adekunle Akinlade of the APM, Oluseyi Olowookere of the AD and John Adegbola of the AAP. 9) My dear elders and leaders, all stakeholders here present, distinguish ladies and gentlemen, the Ogun West Stakeholders Forum is directing our attention to these 2 important entities, asking us to make a wise choice and loudly proclaim this choice for the rest of Ogun State to hear. The many fair minded and just people of Ogun East and Central are ready to support the Ogun West for Governor Agenda but they are asking us; who is the Ogun West People’s gubernatorial choice? This summit today must provide an answer or else we would have failed our children and even our children’s children including those unborn.10) Once again, I welcome all of you our elders, leaders and representative of the cross section of Ogun West to this summit. Our plea is that we dispassionately examine this matter so that at the end of the day we arrive a decision that will locate all of us in the positive side of history. God give us men and women a time like this demandMen & women of strong mind, ready hands & true courage
Men who can find their personal interest within the commonMen who can place their party below Ogun WestMen who can stand before other men & damn their manipulation & inducement. Oh God, give us men and womenWho will chest out for Ogun West and proclaim it in loud voice thatIf they cannot wait for 16 years, we certainly cannot wait for 51 years.Eyin ara mi lota, e ma mama jeki Ota yo wa
Eyin ti Imeko, eja ka so moko.
Omo Ipokia, e ma jeki anfani yi pooraAwa Ayetoro, a fi ka fowo so wo ka too ko toroOmo Ilaro, eje ka pe aro ati odofin inu wa
Awori la, eje a fi se t’ awo, ki bo wa ma tun ri.Omu iYewa, e je ko Yewa o.Thank you all for your attention.

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