Engaging foreign professionals instead of Nigerians is a crime – Ex Anglican Primate, Akinola

Former Primate, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, The Most Rev. Peter Jasper Akinola has condemned engagement of foreign professionals, particularly Chinese instead of more qualified Nigerian professionals in areas of infrastructural development of the country.

The former President of the Christians Association of Nigeria, described the practice as a crime against Nigeria and her people.

Akinola, who is the founder of Peter Akinola Foundation for Youths Centre For Industrial Training, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital spoke during the graduation ceremony of 138 youths who have acquired skills in six different vocations in the institution.

The former President, Christians Association of Nigeria, charged governments at all levels to place high premium on engaging qualified Nigerian professionals for contracts which he reasoned will in turn, leads to reduction of unemployment in the society.

While warning that social vices would persist if Nigeria failed to engage her professionals, Akinola also added that it would be difficult to overcome challenges of insecurity, including kidnapping and others.

“The beginning of the solution will be that we begin to appreciate and put high premium on what we have. If we don’t do that 10 years from now, the Nigeria market will be over crowded and the crime rate will increase. When you have trained people who have acquired skills, you won’t give them job to do and they will started roaming the street and commit crimes”. “I will pray and urge all our government and employers of labour to put high premium on those we have trained in this country”.
“We have money for politics, we have money to steal, we have money to defraud but we don’t have money to pay our Nigerian workers. We should appreciate what we have and we should make provisions for people who are trained. That way, our economy will boom, our country will grow”

Akinola, who was kidnapped in December 2013 added: “Unemployment, idleness, lack of what to do, lead people into crime. If people are gainfully employed, they will not be thinking of kidnapping but because they are not gainfully employed, what they supposed to be doing, you will be bringing Chinese to be doing them. It is a crime against Nigerian people. Bringing Chinese to work in this country is a crime by our government against Nigerian people”.

“Until we get these people gainfully employed, this trend will continue. But we will also appealed to these people who have becomes devil’s workshop; those kidnappers are also Nigerians like them. All those who don’t have skills can come here (PAF)”.

Akinola, also warned that attempt by President Muhammed Buhari to obtain further external loan will further compound Nigerians’ suffering rather than ameliorating their condition.

Reacting to President Muhammadu Buhari’s attempt at obtaining new foreign loan, Akinola said that no nation who desires to develop her manpower will not continually relying on external loans.

“A nation who goes a borrowing, goes a sorrowing. Borrowing is immoral. We are borrowing money to do what? The one they have borrowed before, what can they show what they have done with it. If we can see the work of the money you borrow no problem but you borrow money and share among yourself , it’s a crime against Nigerian people”.