Re: Why Dapo Abiodun should not be allowed to govern Ogun State
After so many failed attempts, it is quite absurd that our enemies are trying so hard to tarnish the hard earned reputation of Ogun APC Governorship Candidate, Prince Dapo Abiodun.
 Unfortunately for them, such attacks are mainly promoting his quest to govern our dear state and as such, it can be concluded that they are running a probono (free of charge) public relation advert for Prince Abiodun.
Interestingly, the general public is fully aware that these are sponsored lies and blackmail against the person of Prince Dapo Abiodun, coming from our detractors. This understanding gives us a soothing relief whenever such falsehood is being peddled around.
Before we make few clarifications to the lies authored by faceless Olowoporoku, people should carefully ponder on these two critical questions;
Where were all these allegations when the interests of Prince Dapo Abiodun was in tandem with that of those sponsoring this media propaganda against his person?
How come these allegations were in the cooler when he contested for Ogun East Senatorial ticket in 2015?
Providing appropriate answers to these questions will give us a clue on who the sponsors are and what they intend to achieve.
To set the records straight, Prince Dapo Abiodun possess the prerequisite moral values, attributes and competence required of a would-be governor in any state. It is wildly unreasonable, illogical, and inappropriate to describe a serial entrepreneur and consummate businessman as someone who lacks the necessary attributes befitting of a governorship candidate.
Till date, he has no case to answer with any anti graft agency on any immoral financial act, neither is he repaying any ill-gotten money to EFCC.
In two decades, he had successfully built a solvent, strong and sustainable business empire without any blemish. By a dint of hardwork and diligence, he has attained an enviable socioeconomic status as a thoroughbred professional and highly cerebral businessman.
This largely informed the reason why the Federal government of Nigeria thought it is wise to bestow upon him, a dignifying national honour in acknowledgement and appreciation of his patriotism. Aside that, he also got two honorary Doctorate degrees from reputable higher institutions of learning.
From our end, it is time to move on for the benefit of our dear state. We will never be distracted with all these needless lies. Prince Dapo Abiodun holds the mandate of all Ogun APC members and the time is ripe for us to make real his dream of serving this state. In the coming days, we shall massively roll out our programmes intimating the public of how our government will better their lives and make them happy.
This is so dear to our heart and we will no longer give room to any form of distraction.
Emmanuel Ojo
Media Director,
Dapo Abiodun Campaign Organization – DACO

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