It was a day of joy, merriments, togetherness and testimonials as Business Executive International, a franchise business in Abeokuta,  Ogun State capital, championed by an un-common entrepreneur, Mrs.  Anike Ojuolape Kazeem, rewarded performance. hardwork and dedication.
The event, the 2nd anniversary of the franchise, backed by the  Nigeria Franchise Association (NFA) with full support from International Franchise Association (IFA), is targeted at the  eradication of  poverty among Nigerians.
Listening to the gale of testimonials,  laddened with emotional outbursts from members of the franchise on their various accounts of fortunes and change of destinies enjoyed since joining the franchise, it was obvious that the project is truly turning around the lives of the people positively.
The event,  held at the expansive event centre of the Bishop’s Court Onikolobo Abeokuta, no doubt lived up to the billings of a grand event, witnessed  in most social gatherings within the state and beyond.
Activities of the event included  presentation of certificate to new dealers,  as well as presentation of award to loyal and diligent sub-dealers, who were honoured amid thunderous  applauses,
During the celebration,  two  persons became the rave of the moment,  as they were handsomely rewarded with car gifts, courtesy of the generosity of the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Anike Ojuolape Kazeem.
The joy of  Alhaji Tajudeen Adekunle Lawal , one of  the sub- dealers,  who had earlier received the  “Most  Diligent and Prompt Sub-Dealer” Award,  of the franchise,  knew no bounds,  as he received a car gift of Toyota Corrolla. Pastor Olatayo Jesudoyin,  also smiled home  with a Toyota Sienna Car.
Mrs. Kazeem, while presenting the car gift  to  Alhaji Lawal said: ‘’ Lawal Tajudeen  came on board not as a mistake, but as a divine intervention. He   is patient , diligent , upright and humble. Since he joined this group as a sub-dealer,  there is  no single  mistake on the investment of Aflat Global Venture.
She added: “There is no single  mistake on his remittance. There was no issue of making a mistake on a single figure or name of any investor. It never happened. This uncommon feat propelled me  to present him with this car gift. And that is why I am presenting the car gift by myself. This is a Toyota Corrola. I now present to you this car and its  document as a diligent sb- dealer. Just keep up your good work. Your good work speaks for you. Congratulations’’
During an interview, Lawal who was the star price winner at the  event said: ‘’ I joined this franchise exactly on  27th July, 2017 as an investor.  It has not been easy. But along the line  someone asked me a question on  how can one be a sub-dealer and I told my boss   who  sad if I’m interested in becoming a sub-dealer , she will support me and I asked how and she said I should not worry.
” As a result of the promise, she paid for the investment which is very huge to the tune of 2 million naira and she asked me to be paying it on installment  and thank God I have finally liquidated the debt. Precisely on the 12th December that year, I was locked on as a sub dealer and the rest today is history’’
He described the car gift as “a  thing of joy. I was almost shedding tears. It is tear of joy and I am very happy. Before joining this franchise, I was a poultry farmer. Initially, I was managing my farm with the franchise, but when I became a sub-dealer, there was no time for me to monitor the farm again’’.
 Pastor  Jesudoyin,  in a remark said ‘’Before I joined this franchise, I normally crawl, but  I can now stand tall having joined this business. My life has not been  the same since I joined. I give God all the glory and adoration’’
He advised other would-be investors  not to panick in joining, particularly,  the fears that usually associated with such investments.
 ‘’I’m using this opportunity to invite other people to join this investment. You should not doubt this investment. It is not a dubious investment. It is an investment whereby if you put your money, you will recruit it in no time. People that have joined this investment are giving testimonies today because of what God had done in their lives. This is not a scam. This is not a business that involves fraud. It doesn’t involve fraud. If you put in your money, surely you will get a refund as and when due. We do not disappoint people’’, he said.
Mrs. Kazeem,  had earlier said she had dreamt of dining with the king and mighty men in the society , a dream which appeared to be a mirage until she started the franchise business. She dedicated  the success and victory of her business to her husband whom she said is  her pillar of support.
Explaining new modalities for the franchise, the CEO,  observed that the gestation period of the investment  is now thirty working days as against the twenty-five working days earlier adopted.
 She also announced that the franchise now has new products which include Gold, Premium and Silver packages among  housing package for those who are yet to become a landlord.
Among other gifts distributed to sub-dealers for their hard work and dedication and diligence  at the event include  LED Colored Television, Generating sets ,deep freezers among others.
Earlier in a welcome address, one of the sub-dealers, Mr. Kareem Olanrewju,  stated that the franchise is geared towards eradicating poverty, as testified to by  lucky and proud investors.
An award of excellence in Community Service Initiative  was later  presented  to Mrs. Kazeem by her community, Zone B Irekalesibi Community Development Association, Ile-Ise Awo , Abeokuta in recognition of her support towards the development of the community.

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